More impact together

Every day, CAP tries to make a difference. You will say: “Everybody does…” and we hope so. But in our case, our work is to make an impact and be an influence for more social responsibility, sustainability and ethical behaviour. We need to walk the talk. The value of our work with clients, the accuracy of our statements, the consistency of our positions and actions make CAP legitimate – or not.

It’s striking to see that after so much time it still is hard to measure whether our advice advances corporate responsibility. But as soon as CAP starts to collaborate with clients, with the variety of demands and challenges they bring us, doubts usually fade away and our job really makes sense.

After 11 years we have started to acquire wisdom and insight. We count victories, welcome progress, and remember risky, funny and rich moments. But sometimes indignation remains and we have to fight against cynicism and despair.

What is the use of sustainable development if its jargon repels, or doesn’t help the cause? Why organise a stakeholder dialogue if individual agendas block collective progress and none of the stakeholders is really sensitive to sustainability issues? Why publish a materiality matrix if it isn’t really strategic?

Because sometimes it works, and those cases make it all worthwhile. So the same keywords continue to inspire us: be useful, be courageous, be positive.

And what about the next decade? We need to convince more organizations to engage with us to advance sustainability. But there is more. We think it’s time to come up with new propositions to hasten the pace of change and make a bigger difference. We will be more active in the field and closer to its reality. We want to trigger new breakthroughs by trying innovative projects that will make the coming UN Sustainable Development Goals real.

Concretely, we will continue to shake the supply chain at both ends – production and procurement practices. We will always address the tricky issue of the price and its relationship to responsibility. Decent work has a price, the environment has a value. We will closely follow and develop new tools that facilitate and professionalize good ideas, and foster initiatives that make information fluid and reliable. We will continue to stimulate transparency, to achieve instructive reporting.

And last but not least, we will pay close attention to our team: its enthusiasm, its fulfillment, and its acquisition of sharper competences to grow in autonomy.

CAP is proud to remain a small, robust, voluntary and desirable organisation, and commits itself to making its societal added value more obvious each day.

Marie d’Huart & Serge De Backer G4-1