CAP conseil

CAP conseil is a Belgian consultancy company founded in 2003 dedicated to social responsibility and to sustainable development.

Our job is to identify and improve our customers’ added values to Society: their usefulness, their role and their impact. We do this by providing advice, training, methods and tools that help them to be part of the sustainability agenda.

We apply 4 values in the way we work G4-56:




CAP’s services

Our services are mainly divided in the following categories G4-4:

  1. Strategic advices and R&D
  2. Reporting
  3. Stakeholders engagement
  4. Sustainable procurement
  5. Collective training sessions on GRI and LCA


CAP updates regularly on the standards and tools faceting the world of sustainability and social responsibility because they provide useful frameworks and structure to professionalise social responsibility. Altogether, the tools CAP daily works with are ISO 26000 (guidelines on social responsibility), SA 8000 (social audits), GRI and UN Global Compact (extra-financial reporting guidelines), AA1000SES (Stakeholder Engagement), ISO 14001 and LCA (environmental management and life cycle analysis).

CAP is recognized as a Belgian pioneer company in the area of sustainable development with a track record of over 125 Belgian and international clients, more than half of them being constituents of the listed companies of the Bel 20 index G4-9.

CAP’s supply chain G4-12

Being a small consultancy company, our supply chain is very simple: our raw material is our brain, and our product, advice with positive impact. We use paper, coffee, cars, PC and phones for daily logistics. Our main negative impact is CO2 emission (see p. 18 of our report for more info).